Property Hive



However Improbable are proud to introduce a fantastic new product called Property Hive from the team at Biostall.

Property Hive is a plugin for WordPress that helps Estate Agents to feed their property data from a website directly to all the major portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla and On the Market.

The best thing about Property Hive is that it’s absolutely free to download and install. If you have a website developer capable of installing it you can download it right now from here.

If you are a brand new start-up estate agent that doesn’t want to spend weeks researching and arranging demos from the plethora of estate agency software firms out there then this could be the perfect solution for you.

Or if you are sick and tired of using property software that you pay through the roof for and only use 10% of the features it provides then Property Hive could be the answer.


So how does Property Hive work?

Well, the technical answers can be found on their website here. But for the everyman, we will try to outline the basics for you.

1: If you do not have a website well step one is you will need one. That’s where we can help you. Check out some of our sites here.

2: If you have hired us to design and build you a new website we will install WordPress a CMS software also known as a Content Management System into your new site. WordPress will allow you to amend content and images on your website.

3: If you have a website but do not have WordPress installed or you have some other CMS we would need to either install WordPress or remove the CMS you currently have to allow us to install Property Hive.

4: Okay so now let’s just imagine you have WordPress installed, now we can get to work installing Property Hive as a WordPress plugin. To do this you can either pay your own developer to do it, pay us to do it or finally, do it yourself. It’s not rocket science and can be done very quickly.

5: Once you have installed the free software it’s now time upload your properties to your website. This is the easier part. You can upload all your images, EPC,s Floor Plans, Brochure pdfs and more without needing to be a computer genius. Once you have uploaded your new instruction to Property Hive all you need to do it click the publish button and the new property will appear on your website instantly. No delay what so ever as everything is real time. If you find a spelling mistake or you have loaded up the wrong image just log into WordPress locate Property Hive and make the change. Once you click “update” the amend is rectified.

6: So I know what you are thinking now. “How do I get my properties onto the portals’? Well, this is the next phase and this is where a fee is required. This fee is for what we call an “Add-on” and that “Add-on” will allow you to download and install the portal feed directly into Property Hive. If you have a web developer that can do it for you then they can download the feed and install it. If you require us to do this for you the fee from us would include the price of the download and a little time to install it for you.

7: So how do the feeds work? Well, let’s say you wanted to choose and download the Rightmove feed. This is available as a Realtime download and is priced at £399.00. This is a one-off free and not repeated per month or annum. Once installed into Property Hive it will then send all the properties you have loaded into Property Hive directly to your website as discussed above and appear on Rightmove instantly. How simple is that! The same applies to any other portals you may wish to use but a fee is applicable and speed times to the other portals will vary.


So that’s about it. Property Hive really is a revelation when it comes to loading property to your website. It cuts down the need to over complicate things when loaded up properties to your website and the portals and it can save you a fortune on Property Software prices.

We are over to the moon to be offering this service to our customers and to date each and every one of our customers that use’s it loves it. We are not in the business or over charging for the installation of property software as we feel it’s been over complicated in the past.

We help new and existing Estate Agents to operate their businesses with less stress and far less technical jargon. Property Hive provides a simple solution to a problem that has been over complicated for years. We feel the same about our branding workwebsites and marketing for Estate Agent. Often less is more.