MorganStar – Recruitment Agency Web Design

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14/04/2016 - Web Design

MorganStar – Recruitment Agency Web Design

This website was an exciting project as we have never ventured into the world of recruitment before.

Kelly, the owner had seen some of our other website designs and got in touch with a simple brief. “I have no idea what I want”

Well, that’s not entirely true. She did say that she wasn’t interested in having a website that was like all the other agencies out there.

Plus Kelly wanted a brand update as well as she felt her logo was looking dated. You can guess what her response was when we asked if she had any idea of how she envisioned the new logo looking!!!

Never one to turn down a challenge we got to work on both branding and website with the snippet of information Kelly had provided.

So how did it pan out in the end? If I have to boast a little we nailed the logo with 2 attempts and the website with the first.

We wanted the Recruitment Agency website design to be cheerful and display personality and creativity. But most of all to stand apart from the rest. The simple pastel colour pallet over the site brings a fun factor and even the simple touch of the coffee cup image with a Morganstar logo in chocolate dusting adds a personal touch.

The brand ID update was more about refinement and keeping the format close to the original. Colours played a big part in its inception and Kelly came to the table with valuable input when choosing the final colour selections.

We have had some fantastic feedback from this site which always makes our jobs easier. A great project to work on and we relish the next challenge.

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