Mclarens Estate Agents Web Design

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06/02/2015 - Estate Agents - Web Design

What can I say about McLaren’s…. Well let’s start with Dean the owner and director. What a fantastic guy he is, so determined and full or energy. He never rests until his clients have what they came for and he doesn’t stop there. During many conversations he’s always asking me if he is bugging me too much to which I always repeat “Dean I like you, I like your attitude towards your business and I also like the fact that you trust in me to do the right thing, So no you’re not bugging me”. Its people like Dean that makes the process of doing what I do easier and I love him for that. I leave him to sell property and he leaves me to design his website.

Our history goes back a little; to a time when Dean changed his website provider and to cut a long story short; he didn’t get what he wanted so he gave me a call and I came to the rescue.

The phone call simply revolved around Dean saying he wished he had never left me and could he come back. After letting him grovel for about 30mins, I agreed. Of course; I am only kidding but it was good to have him back and even more exciting to have the opportunity to improve his business.

So I had a design in mind but whom should I use to build it… mmmm let me think well there; was really only one candidate for the Job. Mr fantastic himself Adam Boother. As you can probably tell I don’t build websites. Its just not my thing. I did build them once upon a time but to be honest I didn’t enjoy it. I prefer to be the Salvador Dali of the project. I create the masterpiece and I leave everyone else to build the frame, mix the paints and clean the brushes. Basically leave others to do the dirty work. The bazaar thing is that Adam enjoys building websites. He loves looking at lots of dots and dashes all day… Go figure!!! And that’s why he’s the best of the best and why he took my designs and made them pixel perfect.

Estate agent web design isn’t about a bunch of properties being displayed on a page, there are integral software integrations and databases to be managed. There are also key features that need to be promoted across the site and powerful USP’s to explore. The best way to really brand a website is to use imagery that relates to the site visitors so I took it upon myself to shoot all of Deans estate agency photography which in my mind brings the site together.

I love this site but even more so; I enjoyed the people that helped bring it together. Thanks to Dean, his family, his office staff and you too Boother.

This site is the first in many new websites projects that However-Improbable have in the works. So stay tuned for some super exciting work in the coming weeks.

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