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11/02/2015 - Estate Agents - Portfolio - Web Design


Well I have to say I am ever so slightly bias about this new website. Firstly because it’s for my Uncle who has impeccable taste and selected me to design it; but mainly because; the stars of the show are my children.

It wasn’t even my idea to use them; my uncle suggested it so after bribing my offspring with sweets, off we set to the local park, just outside our house for a photo-shoot.

I am not sure how long my uncle has been in business as an estate agent but the logo on his site; is probably the first ever logo I did using Adobe Illustrator. Its old school in design but retains all of the heritage it needs for the cliental he manages.

This estate agency website is responsive, so that it works perfectly on mobiles, tablets and other media devices and its backed up with a WordPress content management system, so M-Estates can manage their own content at their own pace.

The developer for this site was none other than Steve Marks of Biostall. An absolutely fantastic guy, with imperceptible attention to detail. I have just recently thrown some enormous projects at Steve with amazing features, functions and effects and no matter what lands on his desk he simply says “no problem”. This new website is far from being the most advanced; but he treated the development with just as much care.

I love the simplicity of this site’s design and the easy navigation. I wanted to design something uncluttered and clean. Along with the fantastic visuals; it’s also the USP’s that sit on the home page slider, that direct you quick and easy to your destination. These visuals represent lifestyles that the M-estates demographic can relate to and understand. Believe it or not estate agencies are not all about showcasing properties, as that’s what Rightmove do. Estate agencies are more about winning business and attracting landlords. This site is a step in that direction. Phase two for this site, will be showcasing spring visuals followed by summer and so on. An estate agent for all the seasons.

I hope the public enjoys this site as much as we loved working on it. This is the second site I have launched in a week and there is just so much more to come. Watch this space.

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