Estate Agent Marketing UK

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16/04/2016 - Estate Agents - Graphic Design - Marketing

Estate Agent Marketing UK

We love marketing, especially when the client gives us free rain. After the success of last years “50 shades of green” campaign (as seen here) we had a huge task on our hands to beat it.

So after a brief consultation with Oliver and Justin, it was left to us to brainstorm. Being massive movie buffs we decided to carry on with the film concept that we provided with the last marketing idea and boom out popped the film “The Usual Suspects” and the rest is now history.

The new billboard sits in the centre of Cheltenham and it’s there to stay for another year. Plenty of time then for us to come up with a new concept.

It has to be said that its a massive breath of fresh air working with businesses like Elliot Oliver that want to push the boundaries of marketing and especially in the estate agency world where things tend to be all about houses or “look what we’ve sold recently”. Sometimes these ideas are not everyone’s cup of tea but that’s what marketing is. It’s never going to appeal to everyone and sometimes the ones that take the risks create a talking point which in itself does what we intended it to do in the first place…. get people taking.

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